Coffee Hour and Kitchen Supplies



Some like their coffee black.

Some like it sweet.

Some like cream with flavor to make their day complete.

Some like their favorite treats.

Some need cups, stirrers, creamer, + sweeteners to enjoy their coffee.

Some need napkins to wipe their mouths and hands.

Some need a plate for their favorite treats.

Some need foil or carryout containers to take extras home.

Now you know what we like and need, so please consider making a freewill donation for coffee and other kitchen supplies.

And whenever you, our church family, needs cups, napkins, plates, etc., you will find them in our kitchen for everyone to use. Because kitchen supplies are not in the budget, the SOTC Women’s League depends on donations to buy these items for everyone. So, when you see a basket on the  dessert table asking for donations or attend a meeting during the week and enjoying a warm cup of coffee please think about the kitchen supplies basket and consider making a donation.


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