SOTC Election Results

The names of those elected on November 27, along with their term-end date, are written in italics and underlined; the remaining board members, along with the term-end date, are written in standard print.

The number of votes cast for a nominee on the Board of Finance and the Parish Board of Education determined the length of the term, with the highest number getting the longest term. The Board of Elders and the Board of Trustees already had their membership arranged in terms from 2022 to 2024, so the remaining members of these boards did not have to be re-elected.

Executive Board

Chairman: Myita Davis, 2023

Vice-Chairman: Steve Rooker, 2023

Secretary: Linda Wilcoxson, 2023


Board of Elders

George Barnes, 2025

Doug Eiben, 2025

Jim Kivimaki, 2025

Rod McClure, 2025

Max Heise, 2024

Ron Smolka, 2024

Joe Soukup, 2024

Barbara Hatcher, 2023

John Burhop, 2023

Charles McCants, 2023

Ellis Threadcraft, 2023


Board of Finance

Shirley Bowden, 2025

Mary Rooker, 2025

Myita Davis, 2024

Dawn Kivimaki, 2024

Sharon Martin, 2023

Steve Rooker – Treasurer


Board of Trustees

Lania Burk, 2025

Rod McClure, 2025

Ron Basell, 2024

Doug Eiben, 2023

Paul Schultz, 2023


Parish Board of Education

Lauren Mosley, 2025

Heather Rooker, 2025

Lori Smith, 2025

Lania Burk, 2024

Ava Davis, 2024

Rod McClure, 2024

Lydia Ramesh, 2023

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