MLK Day Virtual Breakfast Wrapup

The Body, Soul And Spirit Ministry hosted its 10th Annual Breakfast on MLK, Jr. Day. Twenty-four people were in attendance, including attendees from at least three different denominations. There was one person from the state of Maryland who learned of the Zoom Breakfast from one of her local radio talk shows. The purpose of the event, cohosted by Elder McClure and Pastor Dupre, was to provide time where God-fearing people, whose faith is anchored in Jesus Christ, may come together, feast and fellowship, while celebrating the life of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Unlike previous celebrations and due to Covid-19 restrictions, everyone ate at home. Some spoke of what they had for breakfast. All were given the opportunity to share tributes. Barbara Hatcher and Helen Hunter rendered songs. One was “Precious Lord, Take My Hand,” Dr. King’s favorite Hymn. Aja Burk recited “Martin Luther King, Jr.,” a poem written by Gwendolyn Brooks. Much information regarding King’s life was shared by several attendees. Pastor Dupre brought everyone up to speed on the infamous “Bloody Sunday,” which generated good reactions and discussions. Jim Pranschke of Hosanna Tabor expressed, “I thought the event was great. It was enlightening for all of us to learn more about Dr. King from each other. The experience was valuable.”  The entire event was “tied-in” to what is expected of followers of Christ.

Members of Body and Soul ministry are as follows: Shirley Bowden, Villada Brown, Lania Burk, Veronica Green, Dorothy & Roddy McClure, Barbara Profit, and Mary Rooker.

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